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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality
The Monaco Grand Prix hospitality packages are an exclusive offer for persons that appreciate the good life, and Monaco is considered the most important race between the drivers attending the Grand Prix every year. The hospitality program is the perfect way to attend all the races of the Formula One, but it seems like Monte Carlo is considered the jewel of the tour. In fact, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix is more than a F1 circuit, as it is more like a social and high life event.

As there are different clients with different budgets, there are different packages prepared to suit all. It is possible to take a private flight directly to the event, and there is also the possibility to stay in Monte Carlo for the whole week of the event, from Friday morning to the following Thursday evening.

The members of the hospitality club will only stay in 5 stars hotels, which serve only the best food, and they will also be given top viewing places for the race.


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