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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How We Use the Interent

The internet invaded our lives, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since it appeared, the distances can be reduced, and people can communicate one with the other a lot easier. Despite the fact that some people spend too much time on the internet, which affects their social lives, the internet has become an instrument with which people gain new notions, knowledge, and this is why shopping, relationships and ideas are developed a lot easier today because of this tool.

Google, eBay, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube are pages that we access several times a day. A few years ago, those concepts were not even conceivable. Starting with 1992, the Internet started to enter our lives progressively, and finally, it changed our way of working, interacting and communicating.

During the 90’s, teenagers spent hours on the phone with their friends. Today, teenagers are connected to several chats at the same time, being able to be in touch on Facebook in real time, to share photos and videos. Adults have about the same behavior. With their smartphones, they can check their emails, they can organize conferences with people from across the globe, and they can even find new clients on some markets that were not accessible for them since now.

During the 90’s, you needed to rent a video cassette to se a movie. Today, you just need to buy those from the specialized websites, and you can even see those directly online. Sharing information, browsing reviews, and gaining knowledge has never been so easy, with Google, Wikipedia and all the other websites containing all you need to learn about anything.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Internet and Our Everyday Life

The internet is a common part of our lives today, but it has not been always like today. The internet was developed
starting with the years 1960, but the first structures that resembled with what we see today were implemented in the mid 80’s. Initially, the system was developed with the purpose of easing communication within large companies. At the beginning of the 90’s the system was expanded to individuals, resulting in the internet, a global network that connects people everywhere.

By that time, only some privileged people had access to this system. However, the potential was huge, so it was fully exploited by the companies that realized its importance. Quickly, people replaced their daily movie at TV with internet games, online movies and with social networks. By that time, it was supposed that the internet would kill television, just as television killed the radio in the 50’s. It was not like that, but the internet started to occupy the majority of time for a large number of people. At the beginning, it was only a method to spend free time, to read news, to browse reviews, to play games and to send mails. Later, when the companies started to communicate one with the other over the internet, employees started to use the internet at work too.

Today, a blackout of internet even for a second would mean a catastrophe for the whole world. From money transactions to socializing, everything is done with the help of internet; therefore, we can call it as a part of our life.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Unique Type of Gift

House signs
House Signs
These days, when it comes to buying gifts, it can be hard to make a decision because we simply have so much choice. You only have to go online and search for ideas by sex, age, or relationship to the recipients and you will be given literally thousands of suggestions for great gifts.

I recently was faced with the dilemma of what to buy my aunt and uncle for a wedding anniversary gift. It is their fifth anniversary, and they have just moved into their first home after previously renting, and are also expecting their first child. My mum was looking for a present which would reflect the happy upcoming event, but I decided to buy them something for their new home.

While browsing for ideas online, I eventually came to a site selling beautiful custom-made house signs. The signs are beautifully hand painted, and in an old English style that makes me think of country cottages, apple trees and sunny days. Although it is still a week until we are due to visit with my aunt and uncle to give them their gifts, I know they will be delighted with this unique and creative present.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jetsetters in Monaco

Monaco is one of the world’s most famous tax havens and money oozes from every pore of this tiny Principality. The jet set elite live here to ‘reduce their tax burden’ and the rest come and visit as part of their yearly Grand Tour.

It is steeped in gold, and awash with blood diamonds, government bonds and share certificates. Supercars line the narrow streets where shops flaunt £10,000 handbags, million pound watches and £60 million pound four bedroom apartments with sea views.

This excessively expensive lifestyle means that people with under £10 million in the bank will struggle to make ends meet. Here, a meal for two can cost £1000 with a bottle of wine, and a drink in a swish nightclub is 30 euros.

To the Jet Set, this is small beer and wouldn’t raise a false eyelash. They are here to party and money is no issue. 

the Monaco Grand Prix is one event where it is possible to mingle with the jetsetters without spending a fortune. The event is the most prestigious of the F1 calender.

I have been contacted by the owners of ExclusiveGP who wanted to bring to my attention that there are still a couple of spaces free for F1 Paddock Club Tickets for the awesome Monaco GP, plus some tickets for other F1 events to be held later in the year. Money well spent if you have it!

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