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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Unique Type of Gift

House signs
House Signs
These days, when it comes to buying gifts, it can be hard to make a decision because we simply have so much choice. You only have to go online and search for ideas by sex, age, or relationship to the recipients and you will be given literally thousands of suggestions for great gifts.

I recently was faced with the dilemma of what to buy my aunt and uncle for a wedding anniversary gift. It is their fifth anniversary, and they have just moved into their first home after previously renting, and are also expecting their first child. My mum was looking for a present which would reflect the happy upcoming event, but I decided to buy them something for their new home.

While browsing for ideas online, I eventually came to a site selling beautiful custom-made house signs. The signs are beautifully hand painted, and in an old English style that makes me think of country cottages, apple trees and sunny days. Although it is still a week until we are due to visit with my aunt and uncle to give them their gifts, I know they will be delighted with this unique and creative present.


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